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  • Eataly Brings the Piazza Experience to Toronto

    When Eataly Toronto opened its doors earlier this month, one thing was inevitable: crowds. Lots and lots of crowds. Two weeks later, there’s still often a lineup around the block at any given hour. The global brand’s built-in popularity...

  • A Bold Wood-and-Bronze Sculpture Tops Toronto’s Arthur Restaurant

    Dark wood. Fine leather. Shiny hits of bling. Chase Hospitality Group’s wish list for their latest Toronto venture, Arthur’s Restaurant, initially included all of the staple ingredients for a traditional steakhouse...

  • Arthur’s Restaurant and Planta Queen – Dolce Magazine

    Arthur’s Restaurant, elegantly appointed and fabricated by Unique Store Fixtures, offers the exquisite experience of luxurious ambience and superior food offerings. Light-filled, with intimate and sumptuous bench seating, Arthur’s has quickly become a favourite to all who dine there...

  • Arthur’s Restaurant, Toronto – Canadian Interiors

    Unique Store Fixtures were the fabricators who brought a vision to life that includes deep facets enlarging as they radiate toward the perimeter, covering the canopy...

  • There’s Something Unique About It – Dolce Magazine

    Unique Store Fixtures Ltd. remains an industry leader after more than three decades in business.